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Wilmington Criminal Defense Lawyer

Few things in life are as disruptive and worrisome as being charged with a crime. Doubt is cast over your future and you become unsure of what will happen to you, your family and the things you hold dear. When faced with a criminal charge in Delaware, even a seemingly minor offense, the best thing you can do is seek advice from an experienced defense lawyer.

Wilmington criminal defense attorney Saagar B. Shah is a former prosecutor who has now opened a criminal defense law firm, making his knowledge and experience available to you. His knowledge and connections from his time as a prosecutor puts him in an ideal position to achieve top-level results in criminal cases. Attorney Saagar B. Shah is a zealous advocate for all of his clients, and in the day and age of plea bargaining, is not afraid to take his client's cases to trial.


Making the Justice System Work for You

Attorney Saagar B. Shah recognizes that defendants are routinely demonized by the police, prosecutor and media. Mr. Shah takes his role as your representative very seriously, and will fight  for your rights with the utmost professionalism and zealousy to ensure that each and every one of his clients obtain superior results in the court of law.

Whether you are facing a simple traffic charge, DUI, or a more serious offense, you can turn to us. In the unlikely event that we are unable to take your case, we will still enndeavor to are put in contact with the best attorney for your individual situation.


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If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal act in Delaware, criminal defense lawyer Saagar B. Shah is ready to start preserving your rights and preparing your defense. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 302-472-4900 or by Contacting us online.

If you are incarcerated, attorney Shah can meet you in the local jail.