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Power of Attorney and Estate Administration

Powers of Attorney

For some families, the most important part of the estate plan won’t involve the eventual transfer of assets through wills or trusts. Instead, the focus will fall on powers of attorney, living wills and health care directives.  Careful planning for periods of disability, legal incapacity or extreme end-of-life medical conditions can spare your family hard and painful decisions in the future.


Estate Administration

The death of a loved one often brings emotional distress to a family. In addition to dealing with the loss, disagreements over the estate can strain even the most loving of family relationships. We can assist your family in navigating through the difficult probate and estate administration process.

When a person dies, his or her estate must be gathered and distributed. Often, the deceased names a person in his or her will as the administrator, executor or personal representative. This person becomes responsible for making sure the estate is administered properly, including:

Preparing all required documents for filing with the probate office, Paying outstanding debts and taxes, distributing the remaining assets, Filing tax reports and legal documents.

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